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Massage Therapy

Easy way to protect and restore your skin

Essential part of a health body is a massage therapy. We’re happy to offer you the most popular and pleasant types of massage which helps you to fight the stress and overall muscle tension to provide you an ultimate relaxation and restoration. Book any of the following massage sessions


Scalp Massage

$ 20.00Duration: 15 min.

Scalp massage is on the the best types of massage therapy designed to relax the mind and improve blood circulation. Usually tension is felt within the head and neck so scalp massage can be very effective as a stress reducer.


Indian Head Massage

$ 35.00Duration: 30 min.

A great for of relaxation massage that focused mostly on the face, head, neck, shoulders and upper back. It calm down and relaxes tough muscles and relieve overall pressure by stimulating blood circulation also helps to dissipate mental tiredness, stress relief and depression.


Relax Massage

$ 50.00Duration: 1 hour

A relax massage helps stress relief  and completely relax your body and is great for those who have had a hard working week or simply want to remove muscle tension. The procedure consists of kneading and gentle manipulations of the muscles performed at your chosen pressure.

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