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Our hands and feet treatment process was originally tailored to provide an ultimate after effect on your fingers and toes. While our pedicure and manicure procedures we uses the highest grade products and tools, carefully sterilized in Accel™ liquid which insures clean and disease free process.  Here in Natalia’s Aesthetics we also care about your respiratory health by using our high-end dust and nail collector machines which help to keep 99.9% dust free environment. To insure maximum safety we try to use an actual blades as rarely as possible that’s why we enforce a blade-free technology for all callus and “corn seed” removal. We’re one of the few Newmarket nails salons who cares about our clients with diabetes, that’s why we use a blood-free Dremel® pedicure and manicure Newmarket kits for cuticle removal. Check out our Manicure and Pedicure Menu




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manicure newmarket

Shape & Polish

$15.00Duration: 10-15 minutes

- Nails sanitizing - Nails shaping - Finished with polish

mani newmarket

Express Manicure

$18.00Duration: 30 minutes

- Nails sanitizing - Nails shaping - Moisturize with light, relaxing massage - Nails buffing or polishing

nails newmarket

Regular Manicure

$25.00Duration: 45 minutes

- Nail trim and shaping followed by relaxing soak - Careful cuticle care - Moisturize with light, relaxing massage - Finished with polished nails

manicure newmarket

Spa Manicure

$35.00Duration: 1 hour

- Nail trimming, shaping, relaxing soak - Detailed cuticle care - Scrub and hot towel wrapping - Moisturize with stimulating hand massage - Finished with nail polishing

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The best treatment for your feet and toes

pedicure newmarket

Express pedicure

$25.00Duration: 30 minutes

- Feet sanitizing - Nails shaping - Moisturize - Nail polishing

pedicure newmarket

Regular pedicure

$35.00Duration: 1 hour

- Relax pre soak - Callus removal, nails shaping and careful cuticle care - Moisturize with light feet massage - Finish with polished nails

pedicure newmarket

Spa Pedicure

$45.00Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

- Relax Soak - Callus removal, nails shaping and cuticle care - Feet treatment with scrub, mask, hot towel wrapping - Feet and lower legs massage - Finish with polished nails

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